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Peter S. Armstrong Clinical Psychology Portland OregonPsychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Deciding to see a psychotherapist starts with a complaint: something is wrong, you know what it is but you cannot find a way to change it.

Or something vague is bothering you and if you could define it a solution would be more evident.

What is bothering you might feel like a crisis, large or small, or a persistent feeling that has been with you all through your life.

We seek psychotherapy for various reasons:

  • Relationships - they have become unsatisfying or intolerable
  • Affairs - when investigation of another way of living has disrupted life
  • Work - when it has become drudgery 
  • Work - when we feel incompetent or have made an error that requires repair
  • Work - wanting it to be fulfilling again
  • Play - when work has taken the fun out of life

People come see me because …

I treat people, not symptoms.

More Information About Psychotherapy

You may be experiencing a symptom which is why you are considering psychotherapy.

I treat and help people that come with anxiety, depression, and trauma from everyday events and larger life events:

  • Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis Peter S. Armstrong PhD. Portland, Oregonanger
  • sexual troubles
  • stress and mood disorders
  • self-esteem issues
  • grief and mourning
  • divorce and affairs
  • issues of aging and life transitions 

But all symptoms are part of you as a person and I work with you the person; symptoms only guide us to where the trouble and complaints have started.

Disturbing experiences in life are often best described as complaints.

The people I work with have a complaint about an aspect of their lives that they have tried to change but cannot. The step to seeing a psychotherapist exhibits a hope that somehow things could change - now with the help of another person skilled in understanding and making change.

My job as a psychotherapist is to guide you to define, discover, and uncover this complaint; to ease the crisis and and begin to create solutions.

The psychotherapy I provide is a talk therapy.

Talk therapy is collaborative and adjusted to your goals and resources. It involves speaking about your thoughts and feelings to a skilled listener in a relationship of trust.

Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis Peter S. Armstrong PhD. Portland, OregonTrust supports speaking about private and sensitive matters to the psychotherapist. This lets the psychotherapist experience with you the conflicts you are trying to work out.

You decide how far you want to take the examination of yourself and the decisions and changes you want to create in your life.

I will work with whatever energy and resources you want to put into therapy; you may only want a brief contact or you may want to spend greater time for more in-depth changes.

Entering psychotherapy is a serious decision.

Please call and discuss your questions and/or concerns in a brief complimentary phone call.

We can discuss what you are looking for as well as the costs and use of insurance. And you will get a feel for how I talk and what it is like to speak to me.

A bit about me and my experience.

I come to the task of psychotherapy with 30 years of experience. My education includes a PhD in clinical psychology with internships and post doctoral experience before entering into a private practice. I am also a trained psychoanalyst; having completed 4 years of post doctoral seminars, a personal psychoanalysis and supervised treatment of a number of cases in psychoanalysis.

I have worked with people who come with a wide variety of complaints in all stages of life. I, also teach the practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to professionals and I have consulted to many younger colleagues as they developed their skills and practices. You can read more about my services, experience and me on my Experience Page.

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