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Consultation for Psychotherapist Professionals

I provide psychotherapist consultations. You can take advantage of my expertise and experience as a psychologist and psychoanalyst. I have maintained a full-time, private practice over the past 30 years building practices in Los Angeles, Bend and Portland.

Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis Peter S. Armstrong PhD. Portland, OregonIn my practice I have treated a wide range of people with many different complaints and reasons for seeking psychotherapy. Over the course of my career I have been on the faculty of several training organizations.

I have taught classes in psychoanalytic theory, clinical theory, clinical practice and ethics. I wrote a book on the first session of psychotherapy.

This is broad and comprehensive experience in the work of analytic psychotherapy.   I have consulted to many mental health professionals about improving their work as psychotherapists, starting practices and working through special problems with their clients.

Mental health professionals may use consultation in many ways:

  • Treatment Impasses
  • Clients that are challenging your skills or demanding a great deal of your resources as a therapist
  • Issues of boundaries in the course of treatment 
  • Ongoing consultation to improve one’s skills
  • Beginning a practice or to solidify a shaky practice
  • Making your practice of psychotherapy more analytically oriented
  • Creating a practice that is more rewarding

I will work with you in any way you find useful; we can meet once, periodically or regularly depending on your needs and resources for consultation.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and questions about consultation.


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